Why Use The Right Bonding Adhesive And The Types?

Why Use The Right Bonding Adhesive And The Types?

An adhesive is a substance that is used to bond or join two surfaces together by creating a strong and durable connection between them. Adhesives are also referred to as glues. They come in various forms, such as liquids, pastes, tapes, and films.

Adhesives are designed to stick to different materials, including metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, glass, fabric, and paper. They are widely used in many applications, ranging from everyday household repairs and crafts to industrial manufacturing processes. The most common adhesives today are wood and concrete bonding adhesives.

What is concrete bonding adhesive?

The concrete bonding adhesive is also known as concrete adhesive or concrete bonding agent, specially formulated adhesives used to bond new concrete to existing concrete surfaces or to bond other materials, such as:

  • tiles or coatings
  • concrete substrates

These adhesives enhance the bond strength between the surfaces, improve adhesion, and ensure a durable connection.

How does it work?

A concrete bonding adhesive works by forming a chemical bond or mechanical grip between the adhesive and the concrete surfaces. It is applied as a thin layer to the prepared surface before placing the new concrete or applying the coating or tile. The adhesive fills the pores and irregularities of the concrete, creating a strong bond and preventing the formation of air gaps or weak areas.

There are different types of concrete bonding adhesives available, and the choice depends on the specific application and the materials involved, such as:

  1. Epoxy-based adhesives
  2. Acrylic-based adhesives
  3. Polyurethane-based adhesives
  4. Cementitious bonding agents

When using a concrete bonding adhesive, it is vital to properly prepare the concrete surface by cleaning it, removing any loose particles, and ensuring it is free from dust, oil, or other contaminants. The adhesive should be applied following the manufacturer’s instructions, including the recommended thickness and curing time.

The concrete bonding adhesive plays a crucial role in ensuring strong and durable connections between concrete surfaces or between concrete and other materials. They improve the overall performance and longevity of concrete structures and installations.

Other different types of adhesives

Common types of adhesives include:

  1. Cyanoacrylate adhesives (super glues)
  2. Epoxy adhesives
  3. Acrylic adhesives
  4. Contact adhesives
  5. Hot melt adhesives
  6. Polyurethane adhesives
  7. Solvent-based adhesives

The choice of adhesive depends on the specific application, the materials being bonded, and the desired properties of the joint. Different adhesives have varying strengths, curing times, flexibility, temperature resistance, and resistance to environmental factors like moisture and chemicals.

Choosing the right bonding adhesive for the material to use makes the work rightfully. In the case of using wood bonding adhesive for concrete, the adhesive will not work well. Choose wisely.