Enhance the efficiency of your workforce by making them happier

Enhance the efficiency of your workforce by making them happier

Employees are the backbone of a company without them a company cannot operate and provide any of the products and services they offer. They are the most valuable asset of any business, every employee has their own unique skill set that adds more value to the company. All of these perspectives may help the company in innovating, resolving issues, and identifying new development opportunities. Companies also invest a lot of money and time in recruitment, training, and to the overall development of their employees.

But, the most talented person also cannot provide the best result and cannot work at their full potential if they don’t feel joyful and motivated at their workplace. Most corporate employees always feel overburdened and don’t want to put much effort into their work because of a lack of motivation. This may later lead to absenteeism and also they quit the job.

The company doesn’t want to lose their talented and experienced employees they always try to keep their employees happy and motivated by creating a positive work environment and trying to give them a perfect work and personal life balance. But, that is not enough it is important to give them regular initiative and recognition of their achievements to keep them motivated and this also creates healthy competition among the employees which is very beneficial for the company as it will their overall workforce efficiency and directly enhance the growth of the company.

employee incentives platform

Runs an incentive program with the help of Rewardz

However, managing a fair incentive program for such a large workforce of multi-national companies that is situated in multiple locations around the globe can be difficult and expensive for the company. But, don’t worry Rewardz is an employee engagement solutions providing company that helps businesses develop a healthy workplace culture and raise employee satisfaction and retention by offering services including employee recognition programs, wellness programs, and employee benefits programs.

They deliver their services via an employee incentives platform that is connected through mobile applications that incorporate the most recent best practices in corporate wellness and employee engagement enabling the employees to receive all their rewards and recognition on a single platform. Since 2012, Rewardz has successfully empowered over 200,000 corporate employees with its employee engagement platforms in Malaysia and worldwide. They provide local rewards around-the-clock for employees scattered across the globe.

Gets proven results

Rewardz data over the years have shown a guaranteed increase in profitability of the company by 21% along with a 20% increase in productivity of their employees and a 40% reduction in their staff turnover after becoming part of the employee engagement program. It has also been shown to increase team bonding along with greater appreciation and engagement among the employees.