What Are Added Games on the Sports Betting Board?

What Are Added Games on the Sports Betting Board?

Add-on games are a category of bets that is available on the sports betting board. When you buy a bet, the house takes your straight bet and then adds an extra amount on top of it. So, for example, if you were betting on two teams to win their match and if one team was heavily favored to win by 5 goals, the entire process would start with two bets for this match at 10/1 each.

How Does this Work?

Once these two bets have been placed and let’s say that the underdog team wins their match, the sports betting board now has to pay out for each bet. As such, they will go about breaking down the entire amount into a straight bet and an added bet in Best Thailand’s UFABET – UFA 728. The added bet is then calculated using a multiplier on top of the winnings from the straight bet. This can be a very complicated calculation due to the different variables involved in each individual bet (including the score, amount of goals scored and total score line), to name just a few. However, there are formulas that can be used to help simplify this process. These formulas are available on this site.


What Is a Multiplier?

In essence, these formulas take each of your individual bets and divide them by their original value. For example, your original straight bet was $10. The formula will then add 1 to this new value. This means that you’ll now have a $20 straight bet and a $10 added bet.

This is where the multiplier comes into the equation, as it is applied in order to split up the final prize money for each individual bet. For example, let’s say that we have two bets at total of $30 with an added value of $10 and a win of 3 goals or more from one team at 1/5 odds.