April 17, 2021


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Vacation answers: Support! Lufthansa canceled our tickets but retained our dollars | Travel

Ahead of the pandemic, my partner, my two mates and I have been intended to sign up for a Gate 1 tour in Albania. Gate 1 booked us a Lufthansa flight, which consisted of a few legs from San Francisco to Tirana through Amsterdam and Frankfurt. When we checked in at the gate in Amsterdam for the flight to Frankfurt, a Lufthansa consultant explained to us that our reservation experienced been canceled. The agent at the boarding gate did not give us a explanation for the cancellation. We experienced to get a new ticket to get to Tirana.

When we returned, we despatched an e mail to Lufthansa, requesting a refund for the ticket we had to buy. Lufthansa denied our ask for. It also rejected our charm.

Can you help us get a refund of the $1,605 we had to shell out for the new tickets? — Po Yee Admirer, Oakland, Calif.

A: If Lufthansa canceled the flight, it need to refund your ticket. But did Lufthansa terminate your flight?

Your daughter contacted Lufthansa on your behalf. The airline explained its documents display that when the flight operated on schedule, United Airways canceled your reservation. (United is a code-share spouse with Lufthansa Star Alliance.)

You requested United Airways for aid, but it deferred to Lufthansa. It also noted that you and your partner ended up “no-shows” for your flight to Tirana. That’s not feasible given that you have been traveling as a group, and your two pals boarded the plane as scheduled. If you’re a “no-show” for a flight, then the airline automatically cancels the relaxation of your flights.