February 28, 2021


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Scam travel agencies and how to avoid them – thanks to US-Reviews

The 15 Biggest Travel Scams, and How to Avoid Them


With a plethora of resources on the Internet and the amount of information available today, finding just anything is probably one of the easiest things as a smartphone can provide you with more information than any textbook or historical book can offer. The revolution brought about by the Internet has changed how people interact and what they get. The Internet has given man one of the greatest tools of enlightenment, the social media, this tool has been one of the greatest tools of influencing both the young and the old. There is a saying that goes thus “he who controls the media controls the people”.

Travel Agencies and what they are

The Internet has helped provide users with access to companies offering logistics solutions to travelers who intend to move from one location to another. With the increase in travel companies on the Internet, finding trusted outfits offering authentic services are not easy to come by these days. There are also review companies online providing users of the Internet with access to reviews to different companies, this could be a reliable source of information to intending travelers looking to access the credibility and validity companies. US-Reviews is one such outfit providing reviews to different travel agencies.

The scam trend in the travel industry

Just with every industry or business, there is also the presence of scammers looking to take advantage of the unsuspecting public to leverage on their ignorance and lack of information to extort money and have access to private and confidential information. If you’re looking for where to book your holiday online, then you need to be aware that there are fraudsters out there looking to take advantage of you so finding a trusted review website where one can get access to independent reviews of travel and logistics agencies is highly imperative. Most of these scammers are able to build good websites which include a review section spammed with lots of fake reviews aimed at encouraging unsuspecting prospects to use their services. But with independent review platforms on the Internet, one can have access to reviews that are credible from first-hand clients and customers of these travel agencies. So, it is advisable to read honest reviews from these independent review companies to discern scammers from reliable travel agencies.

Few tips to avoid getting scammed by travel agencies

One would be getting facts right, before paying for trips get all facts about the cost of your vacation and the itinerary. Consulting reliable travel agents and consultants may come in handy. Two, your travel agencies should have acquired appropriate bonds and financial protection, be sure to ask if travel agents have been bonded before even estimating and paying for the trip. Three, certain travel offers are juicy, investigating before considering the offer is important. Lastly, doing an independent follow up is also an important step and could be achieved by reading reviews from independent review sites like US-Reviews.