April 17, 2021


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Royal Blood’s New Track ‘Limbo’ Is a Cosmic Voyage in Duality

U.K. rock duo Royal Blood are holding the new songs coming in progress of their 1st album in four several years, Typhoons, and just introduced the get-up-and-dance jam “Limbo.”

What will make Royal Blood so captivating is how several distinct features just two musicians are able to pull into one unified front. “Limbo” subtly discharges a tense, modern day rhythm that ebbs with its commence-stop/push-pull mentality, though aspects of dance tunes (electronica, disco) overflow and progressively construct in layers.

The cosmic visualizer video clip, noticed at the base of the web site, is the best companion to this sonic journey.

“It is with no a question the most formidable and wildest we have allowed ourselves to be and we just can’t wait to invite you this considerably down the rabbit hole with us,” stated the band.

“Limbo” comes on the heels of the Typhoons title monitor and “Trouble’s Coming,” all a portion of what is in advance when the entire album drops on April 30 on Warner Information.

Additionally, “Limbo” will be a person of three music executed by the band at the Bloxy Awards on March 27, wherever frontman and multi-instrumentalist Mike Kerr and drummer/percussionist Ben Thatcher will look as digital avatars, keeping in topic with the global on line multiplayer gaming platforms topic.

Royal Blood, “Limbo” Lyrics

Wake up every single morning
Nearly astonished I survived
Blood on the pillow
Tears in my eyes
Slept in a murder scene last night time

No person go
No one gets harm
On loop the loop
Can not get out of reverse

Caught in limbo (All this time)
Waiting around (Up all night)
Waiting (Caught inside of in limbo, limbo)
I need saving (All this time)
I’m fading (Maintain on limited)
Fading (Trapped within in limbo, limbo)

Stuck in limbo (All this time)
Waiting around (Up all night)
I’m waiting (Trapped inside of in limbo, limbo)
I need to have conserving (All this time)
I’m fading (Keep on tight)
Fading (Stuck within in limbo, limbo)

Now I’ve come to be somebody
I never identify
I despise
Numb and defeated
Part paralyzed
I imagine I’m beginning all over again so I roll the dice

But I must end and consider my own guidance
It is no wonder
I uncovered myself shed ignoring all the symptoms

Someone serene me down
Wake me up slow
Really don’t go away me as well late
Really do not hold out
Till I’m trapped in limbo

Somebody tranquil me down
Wake me up slow
Do not leave me far too late
Don’t wait around
Till my physique is cold
And I’m stuck in limbo

Until my system is cold
My system is cold
My overall body is cold
Till my human body is cold
Yeah my human body is cold
And I’m trapped in limbo
Trapped in limbo
Caught in limbo
Yeah I’m stuck in limbo

Royal Blood, “Limbo”

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