March 1, 2021


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Avs Journey Diary: Some ideas from a lonely San Francisco airport

There’s lonely…and then there is the pacing-all around-the-terminals-of-San-Francisco-Intercontinental-Airport-at-2-in-the-morning form of lonely.

I discover myself in the latter of situations, striving to pass the time as I wait around to pick up my rental auto at 5 a.m., at which position I will push it 4 hours straight to South Lake Tahoe to catch a hockey sport I listen to is occurring in excess of there.

Certainly, I am in city for the weekend — on behalf of Colorado Hockey Now, and you, our faithful subscribers — masking the NHL’s most current outdoor spectacle, showcasing the Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights, reside from the 18th fairway of the famed Edgewood Tahoe Golf Study course, mere toes absent from the shoreline of one of America’s greatest lakes. I have still to see it with my possess two eyes, but by all accounts, the environment appears to be totally spectacular. 

While it may well absence the pomp-and-circumstance and all of the fanfare that ordinarily will come with any NHL out of doors celebration, there’s a little something to romanticize about this just one becoming just the boys, participating in hockey, out in the wilderness — just as our ancestors intended it. 

We’ll get to the hockey game afterwards, but back again to this airport for a second. Allow for me to established the scene authentic rapid.

I discover myself nestled somewhere concerning Terminals 1 and 2, it’s possible 3(?) — I couldn’t tell you, truthfully. Rumor has it there are a couple couches someplace at or about Terminal 2, and the gameplan upon landing was to discover this hidden ottoman oasis in hopes of catching at minimum a few hrs of shut-eye prior to departing to Tahoe.

As I create this, all those odds are seeking progressively slimmer, as is the probability I’ll get much rest at all, if any. Oh effectively. I’ve pulled all-nighters prior to — what is a person a lot more, suitable? REM cycle be damned! I’m young I’ll get well.

My affordable Frontier flight out of Denver Worldwide left at 10:04 p.m. on Friday — late, I know. That is most very likely the cause why it was only a $100 round-trip…and which is also the motive I discover myself landing in San Francisco and not the decidedly a lot additional proximal Reno-Tahoe Global Airport. What can I say, I like to hold factors low-priced.

So low-cost, in fact, that I took it on myself to slum it in the San Fran airport for a number of hrs, relatively than renting a resort place for the evening. There seriously was no issue in renting a place for a different $50-$100 just to keep there for just a couple of hours. So, now in this article I am, experiencing the new music.

Critically, where are those people damn couches?

I just can’t say I have at any time been in an airport this late, or fairly, early, I suppose. To say it is lonely might be placing it a minimal frivolously. As I stroll from gate to gate and make the rounds, human conversation is number of and significantly among, and the only symptoms of existence are the few weary tourists attempting slumber like contortionists in the seats at their gates. I feel I’ve now grow to be pals with the janitorial staff members, who make the rounds every single fifty percent hour or so. We exchange affectionate, knowing head nods, suggesting we the two hate the existing cases we currently find ourselves in. Distress loves enterprise, right after all.

Practically nothing is open up, and the pre-flight beers have now dried my throat and cottoned my mouth — I would give anything for a bottle of h2o ideal now.

Ok, I’ve wander the perimeter of this airport at minimum three instances now…I’m setting up to feel these couches never exist. 

Whichever, who wants couches anyway. I consider I’ve located my residence for the remainder of my stay at Lodge SFO Airport — it will come in the sort of an deserted foodstuff court docket. Listed here, I have located a pair of rotund, 50 %-moon cushioned booths. It is a decidedly greater selection than than the dusty linoleum airport floor. I’ll choose it.

Now it is time to manner my backpack into some semblance of a pillow to lay my weary head. I pull my mask about my eyes like a MacGyvered-sleepmask to shield me from the horrific, blinding airport LEDs overhead, blatantly disregarding the automatic PA announcer’s desire to “Please deal with your nose and mouth when in the airport,” a command that goes off loudly like clockwork each and every 10 or so minutes — one thing that I’m certain will not aid my hopes of catching any sleep tonight. Severely, can we transform it down just a touch? This is not a nightclub.

Nicely in this article goes absolutely nothing. Here’s to hoping for an hour or two of shut-eye.

See you at Lake Tahoe for the, you know, game.

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