October 28, 2021


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Assumption High School | Davenport Assumption High School


Matthew Tallman, child of David and Colleen Tallman, plans to attend a four-year college or university

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Matt Tallman

Top 3 achievements: Reaching the Iowa Class 3A State Basketball Semifinals, National Honor Society Member, and four-year member of Student Council.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? During freshman year, we were assigned to read The Lord of the Flies. The novel follows a group of boys who have crash-landed on an island. They try to govern themselves; however, as days go on, the more barbaric their behavior and order is lost. After taking attendance like she does every day, our English teacher, Mrs. McGuire, slipped out of the room to run “a quick errand.” For an entire 45-minute class period, we were left on our own with no instructions, similar to the boys in The Lord of the Flies. The activity shocked us with a feeling of guilt as we came to realize we were no better than the characters in the novel. With this experience, I learned the dangers of arrogance and prejudice, as I was in similar circumstances as the boys, yet behaved in the very manner I was criticizing while reading the novel.

Jason Armstrong, child of K.C. and Ralph Armstrong, plans to attend a four-year university

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Jason Armstrong

Top 3 achievements: University member of the National Honor Society, Vice President of the Assumption Knight Players, and I was on the Homecoming Court.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? During the summer before my junior year, my mother and I were going through classes I could take my senior year. Flipping through the booklet, she was the one that had suggested that I take AP Literature and Composition. I didn’t consider myself a very good English student, so out of a desire to better myself, I decided to take the class. This marks one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. AP Literature and Composition was taught like a discussion. While reading different novels such as Frankenstein, Beowulf, or Oedipus Rex, our teacher, Mrs. Luton, would ask us thought-provoking questions relating to the current novel. Everyone participated, and we were allowed to disagree with those around us (as long as we did so respectfully). I believe this learning experience is a huge factor for my newfound love of literature.


Annette Baker, child of Julie and Tracy Baker, plans to attend Wartburg College.

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Annette Baker

Top 3 achievements: Iowa All-State Chorus member 2019 & 2020, top music scholarship at Wartburg College, and National Honor Society member.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? A classroom experience that I will remember forever is the day I was able rejoin the choir in our choir room. Due to COVID-19, our choir was moved to a separate location, which made choir much more difficult. For the majority of me senior year, the choir stayed away from our former location. However, we have recently been able to move back to our choir room after some COVID-19 restrictions being altered. It was a wonderful experience to be back in this room where I sang with seniors past, and current classmates. My seat ended up being in the spot I was placed as a freshman, where my passion for music began to develop. I am thrilled to be able to hear others in my choir, and slowly begin to experience the nostalgia of former musical experiences, while cherishing the ones that are to come, despite the circumstances.

Noah McCracken, child of Austin and Patty McCracken, plans to attend a four-year college or university.

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Noah McCracken

Top 3 achievements: Making the All-State Band my senior year, having the opportunity to be in the Bix Beiderbecke Youth Jazz Band, and being in National Honor Society.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? I will never forget marching band camp during the summer before my freshman year at AHS. I was not exactly enthused about getting up early in the summer for a week to march around outside, but it was not long before that changed. Mrs. Mahr, the band director, wanted to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, so she made sure we had fun while we learned the music and how to march properly. Each morning started out with a few hours of marching outside, but it never seemed that long because everyone was full of enthusiasm all the time and extremely welcoming of all of us. Mrs. Mahr patiently showed us what to do, and all of the students were more than willing to help each other out, so the experience was the perfect way to make some new friends and get a head start on the school year.


Catherine Roe, child of Paul & Diane Roe, plans to attend Saint Louis University.

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Catherine Roe

Top 3 achievements: National Honor Society Vice President, Outstanding Attorney at State Mock Trial, Iowa Girls State Representative

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? One of my favorite parts of senior year has been making scrapbooks in my Spanish class. We decorate pages for each month with the pictures we have taken and captions that we write in Spanish. I love to look back on the rest of the year and think about all of the good memories we’ve made, while also seeing how much better we’ve gotten with our writing. My friends and I always trade our scrapbooks with each other so that we can see each other’s pictures and count how many we are in. It’s a great way to continue expanding our familiarity with the language, but also to just have fun. Señora Smith always makes learning really enjoyable, and her class is one that I will never forget.

Bailey Petersen, child of Shane Petersen and Megan Petersen, plans to attend Simpson College

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Bailey Petersen

Top 3 achievements: State softball, Drum major, and Honor thespian

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? One of my favorite classroom learning experiences happened in my AP Literature & Composition class that was taught by Mrs. Jan Luton. In that class, we read a variety of novels that were sometimes difficult to understand. One way that Mrs. Luton helped us comprehend what happened in the chapters we read was by letting us play a game. We would move the desks to the edges of the room so that there was an open space in the middle, and then we would split the class into two teams. The teams would take turns acting out scenes from the novel we were reading, and the other team had to guess what was happening. It was always a very fun experience for all of us that helped us to understand what we were reading while also making memories with our classmates.


Tyler Maro, child of Gwen and Randy Maro, plans to attend Iowa State University

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Tyler Maro

Top 3 achievements: Two-time 1st Team All-State Football, National Honor Society President, and a 3.99 GPA

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? I will always remember dissecting fetal pigs in my anatomy class. Throughout the year, I had learned about the various systems in the body, and I was able to apply that knowledge in the lab. I enjoyed this lab in particular because I was able to see all of the systems at once. Prior to this lab, we only studied one system at a time, and as a result, I had trouble imagining all of the systems interacting with one another. This dissection helped me fully understand the complexity of an organism. I was able to see hands on how each organ is connected and how they are placed within the body. It not only helped me understand a lesson, but it was an enjoyable and unique experience overall.

Katie Anderson, child of Brent and Heather Anderson, plans to attend Iowa State University.

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Katie Anderson

Top 3 achievements: National Honor Society Recording Secretary, and holding a 4.0 GPA all four years of high school, made nine state appearances in multiple sports with 3 state championships.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? A classroom holds a significant role in a student’s life, as it is the foundation for the development of that individual’s education. While there are many lessons taught within the walls of a school, some seem to linger in the mind for years. I have listened to countless lectures about derivatives, the events of the Civil War, and the solubility of ionic compounds; however, the one lesson that has been permanently embedded in my brain is the value of teamwork. It is indirectly addressed through group projects and discussions in every class that I have completed at Assumption High School. While learning the formula for the Pythagorean Theorem is important for the expansion of my knowledge, I have discovered that learning how to cooperate well with others will be much more valuable for my future endeavors.


Olivia Lynch, child of Lisa and William Lynch, plans on attending the University of Iowa and majoring in Biomedical Engineering

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Olivia Lynch

Top 3 achievements: National Honors Society, All American Cheerleader, and Drake Relays and State Qualifier in Track

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? Choosing just one memory to write about from my high school years at Assumption High School is an almost impossible task. From the ruthless spelling bees in Mrs. Luton’s class to the meticulous calculus problems in Mrs. Murphy’s class, my time at AHS will be a hard experience to top; however, the moment that I will remember for the rest of my life is going to the cadaver lab during Mrs. Martin’s anatomy class. Walking into the lab, all I could hear was Mrs. Martin’s excited giggle for all of her student’s to be able to see the human body. I remember going into a daze of astonishment after looking at the human bodies. Being able to hold a human brain in my hands, solidified my future plans of pursuing a career in the medical field and is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.

Azalia Snell, child of Angela Snell, plans to attend the University of Notre Dame to major in mathematics and minor in statistics.

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Zayle Snell

Top 3 achievements: Being accepted into Notre Dame early action, graduating summa cum laude, and founding Mu Alpha Theta math club

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? One classroom experience I will remember forever is when my calculus teacher, Mrs. Murphy, used a note card that hypothetically ate Jell-O to describe rotating a function around an axis. She instructed us to imagine the classroom filled with Jell-O. She proceeded to revolve a note card around an imaginary axis. As the note card rotated, it ate the Jell-O in its path. She explained that the note card represented the function, and the volume of the room without Jell-O was the volume the function made when it was revolved around the axis. I hope to become a professor at Notre Dame, and lessons similar to this inspire me and give me insight into what I may share with my own students one day.

Vocational Education

Jessica Lai Ky Lai and Trang Lai St. Ambrose University, Biology Major, PA School

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Jessica Lai

Top 3 achievements: 2019 KKD DTU Regional Champions, 2020-2021 KKD State Champions, and  2020-2021 National Honor Society Member

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? A classroom experience that I will remember forever is my college gen bio class. There is not a specific time of that class that sticks out to me, but every day is always a fun time. There is always laughter from everyone. Mrs. Martin, the teacher, is one of the best teachers here at Assumption. Although it is not an easy and simple class, she makes the atmosphere light and enjoyable. It makes me want to come to class and learn everything she has to teach. Besides the learning material, there are always mini-lessons that I get out of it, such as being a hard worker and knowing that sometimes it is ok to lighten up and relax now and then. Her class will always be one of my favorites and I will truly miss her and her class the most when I leave Assumption.

Evan Lystiuk, child of Glen and Kari Lystiuk, plans to attend the University of Iowa

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Evan Lystiuk

Top 3 achievements: National Honor Society, MAC All Conference 2nd Team (Golf), Quad City Times Salute to Academics and Achievements

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? There is one particular day I remember very vividly when I had a special talk with my foods teacher. She had just shown us a very relatable YouTube video that was titled along the lines of “All Teenagers Should Watch This.” This video had a very good motivational speaker speaking on the topic of the generation I live in and what people from my generation like to do, which is look at their phone screens all day. I still prefer face to face conversations over phones and this is what triggered a long, deep conversation with my teacher Mrs. Huber. I started telling her about how much I’ve grown up in the last four years of high school and the challenges I have faced and the lessons I have learned because of them. I also told her something I have never told anybody else, that of which I am not comfortable telling everyone, but this is a conversation I will never ever forget.

Young Journalist

Hallie Weaver, child of David and Karen Weaver, plans to attend Saint Mary’s College.

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Hallie Weaver

Top 3 achievements: Yearbook Editor, Dance Team Captain, and Project Renewal Volunteer

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school?  For as long as I can remember, English has always been my favorite subject. I love to read, and writing has always been second nature to me. My teachers throughout my academic career have taught me how to accurately use nouns, verbs, punctuation, and many other parts of speech. Although, it was not until I reached my junior year of high school that I encountered a teacher that expected each and every paper to be errorless. Mrs. Luton, my English teacher for the last two years, has helped me become the writer I am today. She expects “errorless” writing and nothing less, which ensures I strive to be the best writer I can be. Mrs. Luton always says, “Your words are a reflection of you.” I have taken this statement to heart and live by it every time I put a pen to paper.

Madeline Murphy, child of Bridget and Kevin Murphy, plans to attend Benedictine College

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Madeline Murphy

Top 3 achievements: Making All-State Chorus twice, graduating with 50 college credits, and being an Iowa State Thespian Officer

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school?  People often associate school with learning English, science, history, and math. However, my peers and I have been blessed to also learn skills that strengthen our morals. I will never forget one of my first senior theology classes. At the start of class, the priest posed the question: “What is love?” After my classmates’ several failed attempts to answer, he defined it: “Love is to will the good of the other.” Ever since then, I have held myself differently. I know I am called to love all whom I encounter, so I find myself frequently thinking, “Am I loving this person? Am I willing his or her good?” This experience in the classroom shaped me into who I am today, and I am extremely grateful for it.